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IT Infrastructure Solutions

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We can work with you to develop and implement a plan to build and equip a state of the art data center for your business.  Our experts will design the appropriate power, cooling, racking, and airflow solution for your enterprise or small business data  center.


About APC InfraStruxure™


InfraStruxure™ fully integrates power, cooling, racks, security and management components plus services for a complete data center solution.

Whether your priority is:
  • Availability - N, N+1, 2N, 2N+1 power and cooling
  • Greatest efficiency
  • Highest density
  • Manageability from rack to row to room to building
  • Greatest agility to rightsize initially and adapt to future needs
  • Lowest 10 year lifecycle cost

You are able to maximize and optimize around multiple performance vectors.

InfraStruxure™ is data center solutions are suitable for environments of all sizes from network closets to the largest data centers regardless of where you are today - whether you are a "greenfield" (new data center) or "brownfield" (existing data center) or you are fitting out an existing room or have a new dedicated building.

InfraStruxure™ can be applied to:

  • Turn any room into an integrated and complete world-class data center
  • Extend the life of your current data center
  • "Step and repeat" with modular facility architecture for large data centers

Why InfraStruxure™?
InfraStruxure™ provides a high performance, scalable and adaptable data center fast and easy.

InfraStruxure™ Design Process
See how APC's innovative online tools let you quickly make planning decisions and design a custom solution to your exact specifications

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At the core of Access’ IT solutions for over 30 years, network infrastructure is the backbone of your IT systems. From small business to the enterprise, Access can recommend and implement the right products and services.

Data Centre Solutions | Networking Solutions

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Let our experts work with you to analyze your need for connectivity and networkability in your office environment. We can design and deploy the right networking solution for your small business.