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Rimage Disc Copy Station

Built on the Rimage Producer™ 8200N and Professional™ 5410N disc publishing platforms, the Disc Copy Station is the industry’s highest-performing, most reliable solution for automatically copying and creating CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Disc™.

Think of the productivity you gain from having a nearby multi-function paper device that scans, copies and prints. Now, think of the productivity you will gain by having a multifunction optical disc device that can read discs, copy them (top and bottom) and of course record and print jobs sent from your desk over the network. Your Rimage Disc Copy Station can work in walk-up mode through a touch screen, can produce jobs submitted over its network connection and can queue jobs submitted by multiple users — just like your paper-based multi-function device.

• Integrated DiscWatchTM Status Light
• Integrated high resolution digital camera
• Single and bulk copy modes
• Easy-to-use, adjustable-angle touch screen monitor
• Up to 4 quick-release Blu-ray recorders
• LCD interface displaying system status
• Rotating disc carousel for input/output
• External output bin
• Front USB port

Additional Info

  • Specs:


      5410N Disc Copy Station 8200N Disc Copy Station
    Number of Recorders 2 Blu-ray 4 Blu-ray
    Height 25.6 in / 65 cm 37.6 in / 96 cm
    Width 14.8 in / 38 cm 16.5 in / 42 cm
    Depth* 19.5 in / 49 cm 24.8 in / 63 cm
    Weight 76 lb / 34 kg 145 lb / 65.8 kg
      * Allow space (3.5” or 9 cm) in rear of machine for cabling.
    Everest printer included Integrated Everest 400 Everest 600
    Carousel/total capacity 3 bins / 50 discs per bin 4 bins / 100 discs per bin
    External output bin capacity 5 discs (optional 50-disc output bin) 100 discs
    Rimage Software Suite A full set of software tools enabling unique artwork design, job submission, control center operation, production monitoring and custom application creation.
    Disc Copy Station Included Included
    CD Designer Included Included
    QuickDisc Included Included
    WebQD™ Included Included
    WebRSM™ Included Included
    System Manager Included Included
    Networking Software Included Included
    DiscFlow Optional Optional
    Power Specifications 100 – 240VAC, 60/50 Hz, 4.7 – 3.7Amp, 500 watt maximum
    Warranty Each Disc Copy Station comes with a 12 month hardware warranty.